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(2004) Assessment of fertility among mustard-exposed residents of Sardasht, Iran: a historical Cohort study. Reproductive Toxicology. pp. 635-639. ISSN 0890-6238

(2004) A comparison of parathion and paraoxon on their effects on the function of chick biventer cervices nerve-muscle preparation and the reversal of such effects by pralidoxime. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. pp. 321-322. ISSN 0041-008X

Raeessi, M. A. (2004) A new technique - During septoplasty which prevents saddle nose, and the results of its 6-year evaluations. Proceedings of the 5th European Congress of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Head and Neck Surgery . Medimond Publishing Co, Bologna, pp. 189-195. ISBN 88-7587-080-2

(2004) A review of herbal medicine: Silybum marianum. Journal of Medicinal Plants. 14-24+XII. ISSN 16840240 (ISSN)

(2004) A study of personality characteristics in adolescents and its relationship with academic achievement. International Journal of Psychology. p. 426. ISSN 0020-7594

(2004) A study on some charateristics of the girted and mainstream students. International Journal of Psychology. p. 77. ISSN 0020-7594

(2004) A study on the effects of self-esteem on self-assertiveness in adolescents. International Journal of Psychology. p. 166. ISSN 0020-7594

(2004) An update on the prevalence of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency and neonatal jaundice in Tehran neonates. Clin Biochem. pp. 241-4. ISSN 0009-9120 (Print) 0009-9120


(2004) Bronchiolitis obliterans following exposure to sulfur mustard: chest high resolution computed tomography. Eur J Radiol. pp. 164-9. ISSN 0720-048X (Print) 0720-048x


(2004) Calcium channels as a target for paraoxon-induced neurotoxicity in snail neurons. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. p. 323. ISSN 0041-008X


(2004) Delayed haematological complications of mustard gas. Journal of Applied Toxicology. pp. 493-495. ISSN 0260-437X


(2004) Effectiveness of Hepatitis B vaccination in children of chronic hepatitis B mothers. Saudi Medical Journal. pp. 1414-1418. ISSN 0379-5284

(2004) Efficacy of concomitant administration of clarithromycin and acetylcysteine in bronchiolitis obliterans in seventeen sulfur mustard-exposed patients: An open-label study. Current Therapeutic Research-Clinical and Experimental. pp. 495-504. ISSN 0011-393X


(2004) Factor XIII deficiency in south-east Iran. Haemophilia. pp. 470-472. ISSN 1351-8216

(2004) Fibrogenic cytokine levels in bronchoalveolar lavage aspirates 15 years after exposure to sulfur mustard. American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology. L1160-L1164. ISSN 1040-0605


(2004) High resolution computed tomographic findings in patients exposed to mustard gas with pulmonary function test correlation. American Journal of Roentgenology. pp. 51-52. ISSN 0361-803X


(2004) Incidence and factors influencing left atrial clot in patients with mitral stenosis and normal sinus rhythm. Heart. pp. 1342-1343. ISSN 1355-6037

(2004) Incidence of refractive errors in victims of chemical weapons as delayed effects. Journal of Toxicology-Cutaneous and Ocular Toxicology. pp. 207-214. ISSN 0731-3829

(2004) Iranian experience with the non-related renal transplantation. Saudi J Kidney Dis Transpl. pp. 421-8. ISSN 1319-2442 (Print) 1319-2442

(2004) Isolated congenital anosmia locus maps to 18p11.23-q12.2. Journal of Medical Genetics. pp. 299-303. ISSN 0022-2593

(2004) Isolated congenital anosmia with morphologically normal olfactory bulb in two Iranian families: A new clinical entity? American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A. pp. 307-309. ISSN 1552-4825


(2004) Large adenocarcinoma of the right adrenal cortex: a case report. Urol J. pp. 213-4. ISSN 1735-1308 (Print) 1735-1308

(2004) Long-term respiratory disorders of claimers with subclinical exposure to chemical warfare agents. Inhalation Toxicology. pp. 491-495. ISSN 0895-8378


(2004) Maternal Ramadan fasting and neonatal health. J Perinatol. pp. 748-50. ISSN 0743-8346 (Print) 0743-8346


(2004) Novel methods for diagnosis, prevention and therapy of allergy. Tissue Antigens. pp. 416-417. ISSN 0001-2815


(2004) Paraoxon-induced changes in the function of chick biventer cervices nerve-muscle preparation and the reversal of those changes by pralidoxime, obidoxime & HI-6. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. p. 292. ISSN 0041-008X

(2004) Prevalence and determinants of diabetes mellitus among Iranian patients with chronic liver disease. BMC Endocr Disord. p. 4. ISSN 1472-6823


(2004) Relationships between work-accident and personality. International Journal of Psychology. p. 487. ISSN 0020-7594


(2004) Serogroup distribution of shigella in Tehran. Iranian Journal of Public Health. pp. 32-35. ISSN 22516085 (ISSN)

(2004) Simple method for rapid diagnosis of tuberculosis pleuritis: a statistical approach. Asian Cardiovasc Thorac Ann. pp. 23-9. ISSN 0218-4923 (Print) 0218-4923

(2004) Studies on the mechanism of caffeine action in alveolar macrophages: Caffeine elevates cyclic adenosine monophosphate level and prostaglandin synthesis. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental. pp. 687-692. ISSN 00260495 (ISSN)


(2004) Tracheobronchial stenosis following sulfur mustard inhalation. Inhalation Toxicology. pp. 845-849. ISSN 0895-8378

(2004) The effect of herbal medicine Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn. seed extract on galactose induced cataract formation in rat. Journal of Medicinal Plants. pp. 58-63. ISSN 16840240 (ISSN)

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