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Which primary diagnosis has the highest in-hospital mortality rate for kidney recipients?

(2007) Which primary diagnosis has the highest in-hospital mortality rate for kidney recipients? Transplantation Proceedings. pp. 901-903. ISSN 0041-1345

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Objectives. Although "in-hospital mortality" for several post-renal transplantation complications has been reported in various studies, there is no single published single-center study that compares their hospital mortality rates. We sought to rank the primary diagnoses post-renal transplantation by means of in-hospital mortality. Methods. We selected 404 consecutive rehospitalizations following kidney transplantation from 2003 to 2005. The causes of rehospitalization were categorized into infection, allograft rejection, surgical complication, cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), malignancy, medication complications, and miscellaneous. Fatality was defined as the relative frequency of death due to the same cause among all admissions. Results. The mortality rate (MR) was 5.7. From the 23 cases of death, 17 (74) had a functioning kidney at the time of death. The MR was 40 for CVA, 14.3 for surgical complications, 11.1 for miscellaneous, 5.3 for drug complications, 7 for infections, and 4.8 for graft rejection (P =.002). No death was observed among cases with a diagnosis of malignancy or nephrolithiasis. Inpatient mortality was higher among those with more than one diagnosis at admission: 42.9 for more than two diagnosis, 7.1 for those with two diagnosis, and 4.2 for those with one diagnosis (P =.001). Conclusions. The in-patient mortality ranking is totally different from the ranking of causes of death in renal recipients. In other words, infection is the leading cause of death due to high incidence, and not high fatality. More rare complications, including CVA and surgical complications, are more often fatal.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: renal-transplantation infection morbidity dialysis quality Immunology Surgery Transplantation
Page Range: pp. 901-903
Journal or Publication Title: Transplantation Proceedings
Journal Index: ISI
Volume: 39
Number: 4
Identification Number:
ISSN: 0041-1345
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