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Critical function of circular RNAs in lung cancer

(2020) Critical function of circular RNAs in lung cancer. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-Rna. p. 20. ISSN 1757-7004

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Lung cancer is one of the main causes of cancer-related death in the world, especially due to its frequency and ineffective therapeutically approaches in the late stages of the disease. Despite the recent advent of promising new targeted therapies, lung cancer diagnostic strategies still have difficulty in identifying the disease at an early stage. Therefore, the characterizations of more sensible and specific cancer biomarkers have become an important goal for clinicians. Circular RNAs (circRNAs), a type of RNA with covalently closed continuous loop structures that display high structural resistance and tissue specificity pointed toward a potential biomarker role. Current investigations have identified that circRNAs have a prominent function in the regulation of oncogenic pathways, by regulating gene expression both at transcriptional and post-transcriptional level. The aim of this review is to provide novel information regarding the implications of circRNAs in lung cancer, with an emphasis on the role in disease development and progression. Initially, we explored the potential utility of circRNAs as biomarkers, focusing on function, mechanisms, and correlation with disease progression in lung cancer. Further, we will describe the interaction between circRNAs and other non-coding species of RNA (particularly microRNA) and their biological significance in lung cancer. Describing the nature of these interactions and their therapeutic potential will provide additional insight regarding the altered molecular landscape of lung cancer and consolidate the potential clinical value of these circular transcripts. This article is categorized under: RNA Structure and Dynamics > Influence of RNA Structure in Biological Systems RNA in Disease and Development > RNA in Disease RNA in Disease and Development > RNA in Development

Item Type: Article
Keywords: biomarkers circRNAs lung cancer therapeutic target promotes cell-proliferation exerts oncogenic properties circrna biogenesis poor-prognosis up-regulation expression biomarker progression adenocarcinoma activation Cell Biology
Page Range: p. 20
Journal or Publication Title: Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-Rna
Journal Index: ISI
Volume: 11
Number: 5
Identification Number:
ISSN: 1757-7004
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