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Targeting Hippo signaling pathway by phytochemicals in cancer therapy

(2020) Targeting Hippo signaling pathway by phytochemicals in cancer therapy. Semin Cancer Biol. ISSN 1044-579x

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The current era of cancer research has been continuously advancing upon identifying novel aspects of tumorigenesis and the principal mechanisms behind the unleashed proliferation, invasion, drug resistance and immortality of cancer cells in hopes of exploiting these findings to achieve a more effective treatment for cancer. In pursuit of this goal, the identification of the first components of an extremely important regulatory pathway in Drosophila melanogaster that largely determines cell fate during the developmental stages, ended up in the discovery of the highly sophisticated Hippo signaling cascade. Soon after, it was revealed that deregulation of the components of this pathway either via mutations or through epigenetic alterations can be observed in a vast variety of tumors and these alterations greatly contribute to the neoplastic transformation of cells, their survival, growth and resistance to therapy. As more hidden aspects of this pathway such as its widespread entanglement with other major cellular signaling pathways are continuously being uncovered, many researchers have sought over the past decade to find ways of therapeutic interventions targeting the major components of the Hippo cascade. To date, various approaches such as the use of exogenous targeting miRNAs and different molecular inhibitors have been recruited herein, among which naturally occurring compounds have shown a great promise. On such a basis, in the present work we review the current understanding of Hippo pathway and the most recent evidence on targeting its components using natural plant-derived phytochemicals.

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Keywords: Apoptosis Cancer Drug resistance Hippo signaling Natural products Plant Tumor Yes-associated protein
Journal or Publication Title: Semin Cancer Biol
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ISSN: 1044-579x
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