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(2006) Androgen binding site in J111 cell line. Medical Science Monitor. BR239-BR244. ISSN 1643-3750

(2006) Antimicrobial effect of chloroformic garlic extract on mycobacterium tuberculosis. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences. pp. 2381-2383. ISSN 10288880 (ISSN)

(2006) An experience with angioplasty and stenting of carotid artery stenosis with embolic protection devices. Archives of Iranian Medicine. pp. 138-143. ISSN 10292977 (ISSN)

(2006) A morphometric evaluation of rat fetal cerebrum after maternal administration of morphine sulfate. European Journal of Neurology. p. 289. ISSN 1351-5101

(2006) A novel accurate ACRS-PCR method with a digestion internal control for identification of wild type and YMDD mutants of hepatitis B virus strains. Journal of Virological Methods. pp. 298-303. ISSN 0166-0934

(2006) A novel scoring system for identifying high-risk patients undergiong carotid stenting. Archives of Iranian Medicine. pp. 129-137. ISSN 10292977 (ISSN)

(2006) A review on Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever in Asia. Journal of Medical Sciences. pp. 901-905. ISSN 16824474 (ISSN)


(2006) Can an impacted mandibular third molar be removed in a way that prevents subsequent formation of a periodontal pocket behind the second molar? Journal of the Canadian Dental Association. pp. 532-533. ISSN 1488-2159

(2006) Combined passive and active immunoprophylaxis for preventing perinatal transmission of the hepatitis B virus in infants born to HBsAg positive mothers in comparison with vaccine alone. Hepatology Research. pp. 265-271. ISSN 1386-6346

(2006) Comparing presentation and diagnostic accuracy for conscripts and nonconscripts who have already been selected for appendectomy. Military Medicine. pp. 1110-1112. ISSN 0026-4075

(2006) Comparison of the effect of three suturing techniques on postkeratoplasty astigmatism in keratoconus. Cornea. pp. 1029-1033. ISSN 0277-3740

(2006) Congenital fusion of the maxilla and mandible: brief case report. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod. e1-3. ISSN 1079-2104

(2006) Correct assessment of iron depletion and iron deficiency anemia. Nutr Health. pp. 133-9. ISSN 0260-1060 (Print) 0260-1060

(2006) Cytotoxic and oxidative stress caused by cadmium and lead on human skin fibroblast cells. Yakhteh. pp. 172-177. ISSN 15614921 (ISSN)


(2006) Development of an ultra rapid and simple multiplex polymerase chain reaction technique for detection of Salmonella typhi. Saudi Medical Journal. pp. 1134-1138. ISSN 0379-5284

(2006) Development of bile duct bezoars following cholecystectomy caused by choledochoduodenal fistula formation: a case report. Bmc Gastroenterology. p. 4. ISSN 1471-230X

(2006) Disseminated Mycobacterium bovis infection after BCG vaccination. Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. pp. 133-137. ISSN 17351502 (ISSN)

(2006) Distal esophagitis in patients with mustard-gas induced chronic cough. Diseases of the Esophagus. pp. 285-288. ISSN 1120-8694

(2006) Distribution of hepatitis C virus genotypes in patients infected by different sources and its correlation with clinical and virological parameters: A preliminary study. Comparative Hepatology. ISSN 14765926 (ISSN)


(2006) Effect of gamma interferon on lung function of mustard gas exposed patients, after 15 years. Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics. pp. 148-153. ISSN 1094-5539

(2006) Effect of paraoxon on GABA uptake by rat cerebral cortex synaptosomes. Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences. pp. 125-130. ISSN 02530716 (ISSN)

(2006) Effect of β-mercaptoethanol with and without BSO (DL-buthionine sulfoximine) on resumption of meiosis, in vitro maturation and embryo development of immature mouse oocytes. Yakhteh. pp. 236-241. ISSN 15614921 (ISSN)

(2006) Effects of Papaver rhoeas L. extract on the expression and development of morphine-induced conditioned place preference in mice. Journal of Medicinal Plants. 51-58+59. ISSN 16840240 (ISSN)

(2006) Effects of Papaver rhoeas extract on the acquisition and expression of morphine-induced behavioral sensitization in mice. Phytotherapy Research. pp. 737-741. ISSN 0951-418X

(2006) Effects of Papaver rhoeas extract on the acquisition and expression of morphine-induced conditioned place preference in mice. J Ethnopharmacol. pp. 420-4. ISSN 0378-8741 (Print) 0378-8741

(2006) Effects of boron and calcium supplementation on mechanical properties of bone in rats. Biofactors. pp. 195-201. ISSN 0951-6433

(2006) Effects of ultra-low doses of nicotine on the expression of morphine-induced conditioned place preference in mice. Behavioural Pharmacology. pp. 629-635. ISSN 09558810 (ISSN)

(2006) Epidemiology of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and human immunodeficiency virus infections in patients with beta-thalassemia in Iran: A multicenter study. Archives of Iranian Medicine. pp. 319-323. ISSN 10292977 (ISSN)

(2006) Evaluation of anti measles IgG prior to mass vaccination in soldiers in Iran. Journal of Medical Sciences. pp. 498-501. ISSN 16824474 (ISSN)

(2006) Evaluation of latent hemoptysis in Sulfur Mustard injured patients. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology. pp. 128-130. ISSN 1382-6689

(2006) Experience with surgical management of cholesteatomas. Archives of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. pp. 931-933. ISSN 0886-4470


(2006) Field evaluation of permethrin-treated military uniforms against Anopheles stephensi and 4 species of Culex (Diptera:Culicidae) in Iran. Journal of Entomology. pp. 108-118. ISSN 18125670 (ISSN)


(2006) Hepatitis B virus genotyping, core promoter, and precore/core mutations among Afghan patients infected with hepatitis B: A preliminary report. Journal of Medical Virology. pp. 358-364. ISSN 0146-6615

(2006) Histochemical study of N-acetylgalactosamine containing glycoconjugate in intraductal carcinoma of the breast by HPA lectin. Yakhteh. pp. 216-221. ISSN 15614921 (ISSN)


(2006) Immunization coverage of health care workers against hepatitis B. Archives of Medical Science. pp. 55-57. ISSN 17341922 (ISSN)

(2006) Incidence of asymptomatic bacteriuria during pregnancy. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences. pp. 151-154. ISSN 10288880 (ISSN)

(2006) Injectable diclofenac: A painful shot into Iran's health system. Social Science & Medicine. pp. 1597-1601. ISSN 0277-9536

(2006) Insulin resistance in chronic hepatitis B and C. Indian Journal of Gastroenterology. pp. 286-289. ISSN 02548860 (ISSN)

(2006) International medical response to a natural disaster: lessons learned from the Bam earthquake experience. Prehospital and disaster medicine : the official journal of the National Association of EMS Physicians and the World Association for Emergency and Disaster Medicine in association with the Acute Care Foundation. pp. 141-7. ISSN 1049-023X (Print) 1049-023x

(2006) Is Cholera outbreak related to climate factors? Report of seven year study from 21th March 1998-to 21th March 2004 in Iran. Journal of Medical Sciences. pp. 480-483. ISSN 16824474 (ISSN)


(2006) Lateral internal sphincterotomy under local anesthesia (randomized clinical trial). European Surgery - Acta Chirurgica Austriaca. pp. 364-367. ISSN 16821769 (ISSN)

(2006) Linear and circular plasmids in skin and cerebrospinal fluid isolates of Borrelia burgdorferi agent of lyme disease. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences. pp. 2787-2793. ISSN 10288880 (ISSN)


(2006) Macrophage may responses to androgen via its receptor. Medical Science Monitor. BR15-BR20. ISSN 1643-3750

(2006) Mustard lung secrets: Long term clinicopathological study following mustard gas exposure. Pathology Research and Practice. pp. 739-744. ISSN 0344-0338


(2006) OspA sequence comparison and protection against Borrelia burgdorferi infection in gerbils by recombinant OspA protein. Iranian Journal of Public Health. pp. 16-24. ISSN 2251-6085


(2006) Paraoxon suppresses Ca2+ spike and afterhyperpolarization in snail neurons: Relevance to the hyperexcitability induction. Brain Research. pp. 110-117. ISSN 0006-8993

(2006) Paraoxon-induced ultrastructural growth changes of rat cultured hippocampal cells in neurobasal/B27. Toxicology. pp. 221-227. ISSN 0300-483X

(2006) Patch testing in Iranian patients: A ten-year experience. Indian Journal of Dermatology. pp. 250-254. ISSN 00195154 (ISSN)

(2006) Pediatric trauma at tertiary-level hospitals in the aftermath of the Bam, Iran Earthquake. Prehospital and disaster medicine : the official journal of the National Association of EMS Physicians and the World Association for Emergency and Disaster Medicine in association with the Acute Care Foundation. pp. 336-9. ISSN 1049-023X (Print) 1049-023x

(2006) Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms of children following the occurrence of Tehran city park disaster. Journal of Psychology. pp. 181-186. ISSN 0022-3980

(2006) Preliminary report of hepatitis B virus genotype prevalence in Iran. World Journal of Gastroenterology. pp. 5211-5213. ISSN 1007-9327

(2006) Prevalence of risk factors for coronary heart disease in healthy medical staff after lifestyle modification: a before-after study. Indian Heart J. pp. 417-21. ISSN 0019-4832 (Print) 0019-4832

(2006) Primary tuberculous abscess of the parotid gland: A case report. Tanaffos. pp. 65-68. ISSN 17350344 (ISSN)


(2006) Rapid diagnosis of Neisseria meningitides by PCR method. Yakhteh. 92-97+157. ISSN 15614921 (ISSN)

(2006) Relationship of parathyroid hormone and post-renal transplant hypophosphatemia. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation. p. 280. ISSN 0931-0509

(2006) Risk factors and laboratory diagnostics for post renal transplant tuberculosis: A case-controlled, country-wide study on definitive cases. Tanaffos. pp. 19-24. ISSN 17350344 (ISSN)

(2006) Role of psychological problems in efficacy of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in patients suffering from chronic pain. Acta Med Iran. pp. 181-186. ISSN 00446025 (ISSN)


(2006) Sero-surveillance of measles in Iranian army students after nationwide revaccination in 2004. Iranian Journal of Immunology. pp. 35-42. ISSN 17351383 (ISSN)

(2006) Sexual dysfunctions and marital adjustment in veterans with PTSD. Archives of Medical Science. pp. 280-285. ISSN 17341922 (ISSN)

(2006) Sinus CT scan findings in patients with chronic cough following sulfur mustard inhalation: A case-control study. Inhalation Toxicology. pp. 1135-1138. ISSN 0895-8378

(2006) Study of transverse sections of rat embryonic spinal cord by using computer software. A quantitative morphometric evaluation. European Journal of Neurology. p. 257. ISSN 1351-5101

(2006) Surgical management of iatrogenic root perforation following endodontic therapy. N Y State Dent J. pp. 40-1. ISSN 0028-7571 (Print) 0028-7571


(2006) Test-anxiety in Iranian students: Cognitive therapy vs. systematic desensitisation. Archives of Medical Science. pp. 199-204. ISSN 17341922 (ISSN)

(2006) Theophylline inhibits tolerance and sensitization induced by morphine: a conditioned place preference paradigm study in female mice. Behav Pharmacol. pp. 621-8. ISSN 0955-8810 (Print) 0955-8810

(2006) Tracheal collapse versus tracheobronchomalacia: Normal function versus disease. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. pp. 724-725. ISSN 1073-449X

(2006) Tracheobronchomalacia and air trapping after mustard gas exposure. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. pp. 304-309. ISSN 1073-449X

(2006) The blocking activity of different toxins against potassium channels Kv3.4 in RLE cells. Iran Biomed J. pp. 169-174. ISSN 1028852X (ISSN)

(2006) The functional consequences of paraoxon exposure in central neurones of land snail, Caucasotachea atrolabiata, are partly mediated through modulation of Ca2+ and Ca2+-activated K+-channels. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology C-Toxicology & Pharmacology. pp. 464-472. ISSN 1532-0456

(2006) The importance of body weight and weight management for military personnel. Military Medicine. pp. 550-555. ISSN 0026-4075


(2006) Verbal and non-verbal intelligence: Dyslexic-dysgraphic students and normal students. Archives of Medical Science. pp. 42-46. ISSN 17341922 (ISSN)

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