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(2019) Abiotic stress responsive microRNome and proteome: How correlated are they? Environmental and Experimental Botany. pp. 150-160. ISSN 0098-8472

(2019) Activation of catalase via co-administration of aspirin and pioglitazone: Experimental and MLSD simulation approaches. Biochimie. pp. 100-108. ISSN 0300-9084

(2019) Acute changes in cardiac function by direct acting antiviral therapy for hepatitis C-infected patients with thalassemia. Journal of Medical Virology. pp. 419-427. ISSN 0146-6615

(2019) Adding Oral Pioglitazone to Standard Induction Chemotherapy of Acute Myeloid Leukemia: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Clinical Lymphoma Myeloma & Leukemia. pp. 206-212. ISSN 2152-2650

(2019) Advanced oxidation of formaldehyde in the aqueous solutions using UVC/S2O82- process: Degradation and mineralization. Environmental Health Engineering and Management Journal. pp. 97-104. ISSN 2423-3765

(2019) Aflatoxin B-1 exposure and the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in Iranian carriers of viral hepatitis B and C. Toxin Reviews. pp. 234-239. ISSN 1556-9543

(2019) Agonists of cb1 and nmda receptors decrease the toxic effect of organophosphorus compound paraoxon on pc12 cells. Ukrainian Biochemical Journal. pp. 16-24. ISSN 24094943 (ISSN)

(2019) Alerting prevalence of MBLs producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates. Gene Reports. p. 5.

(2019) Altered expression of cyclooxygenase-2, 12-lipoxygenase, inducible nitric oxide synthase-2 and surfactant protein D in lungs of patients with pulmonary injury caused by sulfur mustard. Drug and Chemical Toxicology. pp. 257-263. ISSN 0148-0545

(2019) Analysis of Mitochondrial 4977-bp Deletion and D-Loop Variation in Iranian Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Patients. Hepatitis Monthly. p. 7. ISSN 1735-143X

(2019) Analysis of the Effects of High-Voltage Transmission Line on Human Stress and Attention Through Electroencephalography (EEG). Iranian Journal of Science and Technology-Transactions of Electrical Engineering. pp. 211-218. ISSN 2228-6179

(2019) Analysis of the epigenetic regulation of TNF receptor superfamily 25 (TNFRSF25) in rheumatoid arthritis. Gene Reports. p. 5.

(2019) Anti-Angiogenic Activity of Curcumin in Cancer Therapy: A Narrative Review. Current Vascular Pharmacology. pp. 262-269. ISSN 1570-1611

(2019) Anti-histaminic Effects of Resveratrol and Silymarin on Human Gingival Fibroblasts. Inflammation. pp. 1622-1629. ISSN 0360-3997

(2019) Anti-inflammatory effects of Melatonin: A mechanistic review. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. S4-S16. ISSN 1040-8398

(2019) Antibacterial superhydrophobic polyvinyl chloride surfaces via the improved phase separation process using silver phosphate nanoparticles. Colloids and Surfaces B-Biointerfaces. p. 8. ISSN 0927-7765

(2019) Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for cancer therapy: Strategies, challenges, and successes. Journal of Cellular Physiology. pp. 5628-5642. ISSN 0021-9541

(2019) Antidepressant and Anxiolytic Effects of Geraniol in Mice: The Possible Role of Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal. p. 9. ISSN 2074-1804

(2019) Antidepressant effect of cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum L.) water extract (CWE) evaluated by forced swimming test in mice. Journal of Medicinal Plants. pp. 154-161. ISSN 16840240 (ISSN)

(2019) Antidepressive effects of a chemically characterized maqui berry extract (Aristotelia chilensis (molina) stuntz) in a mouse model of Post-stroke depression (vol 129, pg 434, 2019). Food and Chemical Toxicology. p. 1. ISSN 0278-6915

(2019) Antidiabetic potential of saffron and its active constituents. Journal of Cellular Physiology. pp. 8610-8617. ISSN 0021-9541

(2019) The Antifungal Peptide MCh-AMP1 Derived From Matricaria chamomilla Inhibits Candida albicans Growth via Inducing ROS Generation and Altering Fungal Cell Membrane Permeability. Front Microbiol. p. 3150. ISSN 1664-302X (Print) 1664-302x

(2019) Antigenic Properties of Iron Regulated Proteins in Acinetobacter baumannii: An In Silico Approach. International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics. pp. 205-213. ISSN 1573-3149

(2019) Antimicrobial Resistance and Incidence of Integrons in Aeromonas Species Isolated from Diseased Freshwater Animals and Water Samples in Iran. Antibiotics-Basel. p. 7.

(2019) Antimicrobial Resistance and Molecular Characteristics of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolates from Children Patients in Iran. Infection and Drug Resistance. pp. 3849-3857. ISSN 1178-6973

(2019) Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing for Polymyxins: Challenges, Issues, and Recommendations. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. p. 20. ISSN 0095-1137

(2019) Antimicrobial effects of mesenchymal stem cells primed by modified LPS on bacterial clearance in sepsis. Journal of Cellular Physiology. pp. 4970-4986. ISSN 0021-9541

(2019) Antimicrobial resistance and genotyping of vacA, cagA, and iceA alleles of the Helicobacter pylori strains isolated from traditional dairy products. Journal of Food Safety. p. 9. ISSN 0149-6085

(2019) Antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP): an effective implementing technique for the therapy efficiency of meropenem and vancomycin antibiotics in Iranian pediatric patients. Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials. p. 7. ISSN 1476-0711

(2019) Aporphines and Alzheimer's Disease: Towards a Medical Approach Facing the Future Current. Current Medicinal Chemistry. pp. 3253-3259. ISSN 0929-8673

(2019) Application of metallofullerene towards adsorption of mustard gas: a detailed DFT study. Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials. pp. 1383-1389. ISSN 1574-1443

(2019) Applying In Silico Approaches for Designing a Chimeric InaV/N-DFPase Protein and Evaluating its Binding with Diisopropyl - Fluorophosphate. International Letters of Natural Sciences. pp. 41-51. ISSN 2300-9675

(2019) Aptamer as a proper alternative instead of monoclonal antibody in diagnosis and neutralization of menacing biological agents. Romanian Journal of Military Medicine. pp. 42-51. ISSN 1222-5126

(2019) Aptamer-Based Sandwich Assay for Measurement of Thymidine Kinase 1 in Serum of Cancerous Patients. Biochemistry. pp. 2373-2383. ISSN 0006-2960

(2019) Arctium lappa contributes to the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus by regulating glucose homeostasis and improving oxidative stress: A critical review of in vitro and in vivo animal-based studies. Phytotherapy Research. pp. 2213-2220. ISSN 0951-418X

(2019) Arginyl-glycyl-aspartic acid (RGD) containing nanostructured lipid carrier co-loaded with doxorubicin and sildenafil citrate enhanced anti-cancer effects and overcomes drug resistance. Process Biochemistry. pp. 172-179. ISSN 1359-5113

(2019) Aspirin in retrieving the inactivated catalase to active form: Displacement of one inhibitor with a protective agent. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. pp. 306-311. ISSN 0141-8130

(2019) Assessing the magnetic, cytotoxic and photocatalytic influence of incorporating Yb 3+ or Pr 3+ ions in cobalt–nickel ferrite. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics. pp. 6902-6909. ISSN 09574522 (ISSN)

(2019) Assessing the magnetic, cytotoxic and photocatalytic influence of incorporating Yb3+ or Pr3+ ions in cobalt-nickel ferrite. Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Electronics. pp. 6902-6909. ISSN 0957-4522

(2019) Assessment of CT angiographic findings in comparison with echocardiography findings of chest among patients with aortic arch anomalies. Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease. p. 6. ISSN 1122-0643

(2019) Assessment of Otolaryngology Residency Training Program in Iran: Perspectives of Faculty Members and Recently Graduated Medical Students. Iran J Otorhinolaryngol. pp. 25-33. ISSN 2251-7251 (Print) 2251-7251

(2019) An Assessment of Sexual Dysfunction and General Health in Men Conscripted into the Military Service in Iran. Journal of International Translational Medicine. pp. 132-137. ISSN 2227-6394

(2019) Assessment of Short-term, Within Hospital Cardiovascular Complications After Renal Transplantation in Baqiyatallah Hospital. Mater Sociomed. pp. 241-245. ISSN 1512-7680 (Print) 1512-7680

(2019) Assessment of Speech Sound Production by Story-retelling in Persian Speaking Children: Introducing a New Instrument. Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences. pp. 299-306. ISSN 0253-0716

(2019) Assessment of the fitness of Cox and parametric regression models of survival distribution for Iranian breast cancer patients' data. Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research. pp. 39-44. ISSN 2231-4040

(2019) Association between chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and interleukins gene variants: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Cytokine. pp. 65-71. ISSN 1043-4666

(2019) The Association of Dietary Intake of Calcium and Vitamin D to Colorectal Cancer Risk among Iranian Population. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. pp. 2825-2830. ISSN 1513-7368

(2019) Association of Serum PCSK9 Levels with Antibiotic Resistance and Severity of Disease in Patients with Bacterial Infections Admitted to Intensive Care Units. Journal of Clinical Medicine. p. 9.

(2019) Association of gross domestic product with under-five mortality rate and life expectancy during 1990 - 2015 in Iran: An ecological study. Shiraz E Medical Journal. ISSN 17351391 (ISSN)

(2019) Association of the Reduced Level of Interleukin-13 in Breast Milk with Chronic Diarrhea in Infancy. Turkish Journal of Immunology. pp. 107-112. ISSN 1301-109X

(2019) Auto-combustion Preparation and Characterization of BaFe2O4 Nanostructures by Using Lemon Juice as Fuel. Chemical Methodologies. pp. 276-282. ISSN 2645-7776

(2019) Bacteriophage-based biosensor for detection of E. Coli bacteria on graphene modified carbon paste electrode. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - Asia. pp. 408-413. ISSN 22106812 (ISSN)

(2019) Barriers to Adherence to Medical Care Programs in Liver Transplant Recipients: A Qualitative Study. International Journal of Organ Transplantation Medicine. pp. 115-126. ISSN 2008-6490

(2019) Berberine in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases: From Mechanisms to Therapeutics. Theranostics. pp. 1923-1951. ISSN 1838-7640

(2019) Binaural hearing advantages for children with bimodal fitting. International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology. pp. 58-63. ISSN 0165-5876

(2019) Bio-barcode technology for detection of Staphylococcus aureus protein A based on gold and iron nanoparticles. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. pp. 1256-1263. ISSN 0141-8130

(2019) Bio-efficacy of the indigenous entomopathogenic fungus, Beauveria bassiana in conjunction with desiccant dust to control of coleopteran stored product pests. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology. p. 6. ISSN 0022-2011

(2019) Bioactive peptides and proteins as alternative antiplatelet drugs. Medicinal Research Reviews. pp. 2153-2171. ISSN 0198-6325

(2019) The Biochemical Effects of Lead Concentration on Oxidative Stress Parameters in Workers. Journal of Biochemical Technology. pp. 39-46. ISSN 0974-2328

(2019) Biochemical and cellular events in spinal cord injury: From pathophysiology to treatment. Journal of Isfahan Medical School. pp. 316-327. ISSN 10277595 (ISSN)

(2019) Biological properties of metal complexes of curcumin. Biofactors. pp. 304-317. ISSN 0951-6433

(2019) The Bivariate Correlation of Health Literacy and Cell Phone Addiction amongst Iranian Healthcare Students. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. IC1-IC5. ISSN 2249-782X

(2019) Body mass index and risk of sick leave: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Clinical Obesity. p. 16. ISSN 1758-8103

(2019) Bordetella pertussis antigens encapsulated into N-trimethyl chitosan nanoparticuiate systems as a novel intranasal pertussis vaccine. Artificial Cells Nanomedicine and Biotechnology. pp. 2605-2611. ISSN 2169-1401

(2019) Brain oximetry is not a good monitor on reducing neurological complications after cardiac surgery. Universa Medicina. pp. 81-89. ISSN 1907-3062

(2019) Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease study in Iran: First report of the prevalence and risk factors of COPD in five provinces. Lung India. pp. 14-19. ISSN 0970-2113

(2019) Burden of injury along the development spectrum: Associations between the Socio-demographic Index and disability-adjusted life year estimates from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017. Injury Prevention. ISSN 13538047 (ISSN)

(2019) Burnout Among Nursing Staff in Ziaeian Hospital. Mater Sociomed. pp. 10-13. ISSN 1512-7680 (Print) 1512-7680

(2019) CRISPR/Cas9 technology as a potent molecular tool for gene therapy. Journal of Cellular Physiology. pp. 12267-12277. ISSN 0021-9541

(2019) Cancer stem cells-emanated therapy resistance: Implications for liposomal drug delivery systems (vol 288, pg 62, 2018). Journal of Controlled Release. p. 220. ISSN 0168-3659

(2019) Cardiovascular complications of nasal packing after septoplasty. A randomized clinical trial. Investigacion Clinica. pp. 153-159. ISSN 0535-5133

(2019) Catalytic ozonation process using a MgO nano-catalyst to degrade methotrexate from aqueous solutions and cytotoxicity studies in human lung epithelial cells (A549) after treatment. Rsc Advances. pp. 8204-8214. ISSN 2046-2069

(2019) Catastrophic and impoverishing health expenditures and it's affecting factors among health staffs in Iran: A case study in Tehran. Med J Islam Repub Iran. p. 120. ISSN 1016-1430 (Print) 1016-1430

(2019) Causes and Rates of Natural Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Tehran: A Five-Year Study. Journal of International Translational Medicine. pp. 99-102. ISSN 2227-6394

(2019) CdS nanocrystals/graphene oxide-AuNPs based electrochemiluminescence immunosensor in sensitive quantification of a cancer biomarker: p53. Biosensors & Bioelectronics. pp. 7-14. ISSN 0956-5663

(2019) Cell cytotoxicity, immunostimulatory and antitumor effects of lipid content of liposomal delivery platforms in cancer immunotherapies. A comprehensive in-vivo and in-vitro study. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. p. 9. ISSN 0378-5173

(2019) Cell therapy and gene therapy in spinal cord injuries. Journal of Isfahan Medical School. pp. 1297-1307. ISSN 10277595 (ISSN)

(2019) Challenge between sequence presences of conductive additives on flexibility, dielectric and supercapacitance behaviors of nanofibrillated template of bacterial cellulose aerogels. European Polymer Journal. pp. 335-345. ISSN 0014-3057

(2019) Challenges of Iranian national health scientific map. J Educ Health Promot. p. 46. ISSN 2277-9531 (Print) 2277-9531

(2019) Challenges of the New Hospital Accreditation Program in Iran. Quality Management in Health Care. pp. 188-189. ISSN 1063-8628

(2019) Challenges, consequences, and lessons for way-outs to emergencies at hospitals: a systematic review study. Bmc Emergency Medicine. p. 10. ISSN 1471-227X

(2019) Changing the language of medical journals from Persian to English for the purpose of obtaining index: Good or bad! Journal of Military Medicine. pp. 311-312. ISSN 17351537 (ISSN)

(2019) Characteristics of Competent Translator Trainers From the Viewpoint of Expert Iranian Translator Trainers: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Research in Applied Linguistics. pp. 70-90. ISSN 2345-3303

(2019) Characterization of the exopolysaccharides from Rhodotorula minuta IBRC-M 30135 and evaluation of their emulsifying, antioxidant and antiproliferative activities. Medical Science. pp. 381-389. ISSN 2321-7359

(2019) Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of the essential oils extracted from 4 medicinal plants (Labiatae) of kerman, iran. Journal of Applied Biotechnology Reports. pp. 172-179. ISSN 23221186 (ISSN)

(2019) Childbearing through the Lens of Women with Minor Thalassemia: A Qualitative Study. Galen Medical Journal. p. 10. ISSN 2588-2767

(2019) Chimera in a network of memristor-based Hopfield neural network. European Physical Journal-Special Topics. pp. 2023-2033. ISSN 1951-6355

(2019) Chitosan nano-structure loaded with recombinant E. coli O157:H7 antigens as a vaccine candidate can effectively increase immunization capacity. Artificial Cells Nanomedicine and Biotechnology. pp. 2593-2604. ISSN 2169-1401

(2019) Choroidal Thickness and Hemoglobin A1c Levels in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Journal of Ophthalmic & Vision Research. pp. 285-290. ISSN 2008-2010

(2019) Choroidal thickness changes following cataract surgery in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Journal of Current Ophthalmology. pp. 49-54. ISSN 2452-2325

(2019) Cinnamaldehyde antagonizes REM sleep reduction induced by immobilization stress in rats. Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences. pp. 14-24. ISSN 17359279 (ISSN)

(2019) Clinical and non-clinical characteristics of pulmonary aspergillosis in non-neutropenic patients. Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology. ISSN 20083645 (ISSN)

(2019) Clinical and psychological responses to synbiotic supplementation in obese or overweight adults: A randomized clinical trial. Complementary Therapies in Medicine. p. 6. ISSN 0965-2299

(2019) Cloning and expression of the L1 immunogenic protein of human papillomavirus genotype 16 by using Lactobacillus expression system. Gene Reports. p. 4.

(2019) A Colorimetric Sensor for Dopamine Detection Based on Peroxidase-like Activity of Ce-2(MoO4)(3) Nanoplates. Current Pharmaceutical Analysis. pp. 224-230. ISSN 1573-4129

(2019) Colorimetric immunosensor for determination of prostate specific antigen using surface plasmon resonance band of colloidal triangular shape gold nanoparticles. Spectrochimica Acta Part a-Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy. p. 8. ISSN 1386-1425

(2019) Comment on "Role of corneal collagen fibrils in corneal disorders and related pathological conditions". International Journal of Ophthalmology. p. 1056. ISSN 2222-3959

(2019) A Comparative Computational Investigation of Phosgene Adsorption on (XY)(12) (X=Al, B and Y=N, P) Nanoclusters: DFT Investigations. Journal of Cluster Science. pp. 203-218. ISSN 1040-7278

(2019) A Comparative Investigation on Bioactivity and Antibacterial Properties of Sol-Gel Derived 58S Bioactive Glass Substituted by Ag and Zn. Silicon. pp. 2741-2751. ISSN 1876-990X

(2019) Comparative Morphologic and Morphometric Study on the Developmental Aspects of In Vitro and In Vivo Reared Echinococcus granulosus Sensu Stricto Using Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)/Nomarski and Phase Contrast Microscopy. Iranian Journal of Parasitology. pp. 510-520. ISSN 1735-7020

(2019) Comparing Rapid Naming Skill in 7- and 8-Year-Old Normally Developed Children in Tehran. Archives of Rehabilitation. pp. 150-157. ISSN 2538-6247

(2019) Comparing the Clinical Success Rate of Self-Drilling and Self-Tapping Mini-screws in the Retraction of Maxillary Anterior Teeth. Pesquisa Brasileira Em Odontopediatria E Clinica Integrada. p. 9. ISSN 1519-0501

(2019) Comparing the Effectiveness of the Unified Protocol Transdiagnostic and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Program on Anxiety and Depression in Infertile Women Receiving In Vitro Fertilisation. Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science. pp. 44-51. ISSN 2347-2545

(2019) Comparing the Effects of Epley Maneuver and Cinnarizine on Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo; A Randomized Clinical Trial. Galen Medical Journal. p. 7. ISSN 2588-2767

(2019) A Comparison between the Ability of Revised Trauma Score and Kampala Trauma Score in Predicting Mortality; a Meta-Analysis. Archives of Academic Emergency Medicine. p. 9.

(2019) Comparison of Anti Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody (TPOAb) levels in people with depression and healthy people: Case control-study. Journal of Military Medicine. pp. 243-250. ISSN 17351537 (ISSN)

(2019) Comparison of Antibacterial Activities of Walnut (Juglans regia L.) and Pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) Leaves Alcoholic Extracts against Bacteria Isolated from Burn Wound Infections. Acta Microbiologica Hellenica. pp. 99-108. ISSN 04389573 (ISSN)

(2019) Comparison of Food Intake in Multiple Sclerosis Patients and Healthy Individuals: A Hospital-Based Case-Controlled Study. Iranian Journal of Child Neurology. pp. 143-154. ISSN 1735-4668

(2019) Comparison of HemoFoam (R) and Conventional Gauze Dressing on Hemostasis of Vascular Access Site in Hemodialysis Patients. Galen Medical Journal. p. 7. ISSN 2588-2767

(2019) Comparison of PCR-RFLP and PFGE for determining the clonality of Brucella isolates from human and livestock specimens. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences. pp. 256-262. ISSN 1319-562X

(2019) Comparison of different immunization routes on the immune responses induced by Mycobacterium tuberculosis ESAT-6/CFP-10 recombinant protein. Biologicals. pp. 6-11. ISSN 1045-1056

(2019) Comparison of experimental, meta-cognitive and acupressure therapy on men orgasmic satisfaction. Medical Science. pp. 652-659. ISSN 2321-7359

(2019) Comparison of intravitreal bevacizumab injection and laser photocoagulation for type 1 zone II retinopathy of prematurity. Journal of Current Ophthalmology. pp. 61-65. ISSN 2452-2325

(2019) Comparison of outcomes in four different surgical methods for sacral pilonidal sinus with long-term follows-up. Tehran University Medical Journal. pp. 660-664. ISSN 16831764 (ISSN)

(2019) Comparison of quality of life and blood glucose control in type 2 diabetic patients with and without hypogonadism: Case-control study. Journal of Military Medicine. pp. 618-625. ISSN 17351537 (ISSN)

(2019) Comparison of the Accuracy of Digital Radiography with Conventional Radiography and Visual Examination in the Detection of Permanent Teeth Interproximal Caries. Pesquisa Brasileira Em Odontopediatria E Clinica Integrada. p. 9. ISSN 1519-0501

(2019) Comparison of the Effectiveness of Unified Transdiagnostic Therapy (UP-C) with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on Depression Anxiety Symptoms in Child Workers:''Child Labour". Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science. pp. 122-130. ISSN 2347-2545

(2019) A Comparison of the Effects of Ergonomic, Organization, and Education Interventions on Reducing Musculoskeletal Disorders in Office Workers. Health Scope. p. 9. ISSN 2251-8959

(2019) Comparison of the Effects of Hand Reflexology versus Acupressure on Anxiety and Vital Signs in Female Patients with Coronary Artery Diseases. Healthcare. p. 12.

(2019) Comparison of the effects of atorvastatin, hyaluronic acid and oxidized cellulose (Interceed) on reducing intestinal adhesions postoperative after open abdominal surgery in animal models. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. pp. 81-90. ISSN 17352444 (ISSN)

(2019) Comparison of the three dressing methods on the speed of repair and remaining scar on partial-thickness skin graft donor sites in burn patients. Tehran University Medical Journal. pp. 352-358. ISSN 16831764 (ISSN)

(2019) Compilation of objective and behavioral indices in stress measurement. Journal of Military Medicine. pp. 32-43. ISSN 17351537 (ISSN)

(2019) Composite Nanoscaffolds Modified with Bio-ceramic Nanoparticles (Zn2SiO4) Prompted Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. International Journal of Molecular and Cellular Medicine. pp. 24-38. ISSN 2251-9637

(2019) Computational prediction of estrogenic micropollutants removal from lignin surface using ionic liquids. Journal of Applied Biotechnology Reports. pp. 125-128. ISSN 23221186 (ISSN)

(2019) Conceptual Model of Medication Adherence in Older Adults with High Blood Pressure-An Integrative Review of the Literature. Current Hypertension Reviews. pp. 85-92. ISSN 1573-4021

(2019) Considering smoking status, coexpression network analysis of non-small cell lung cancer at different cancer stages, exhibits important genes and pathways. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. pp. 19172-19185. ISSN 0730-2312

(2019) Considering the design effect in cluster sampling. Journal of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Research. p. 78. ISSN 2008-5117

(2019) Construction and Structural Assessment of Nanocapsule Containing HER2-MUC1 Chimeric Protein as a Candidate for a Vaccine Against Breast Cancer. International Journal of Cancer Management. p. 8. ISSN 2538-4422

(2019) Construction and validation of a mentoring questionnaire based on Islamic culture. Korean J Med Educ. pp. 159-172. ISSN 2005-727x

(2019) Coping with primary ovarian insufficiency in Iranian Women: A qualitative study. Journal of Isfahan Medical School. pp. 608-616. ISSN 10277595 (ISSN)

(2019) Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Screening Chronic Kidney Disease in Iran. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. IC01-IC04. ISSN 2249-782X

(2019) Crocin Improves Oxidative Stress by Potentiating Intrinsic Anti-Oxidant Defense Systems in Pancreatic Cells During Uncontrolled Hyperglycemia. Journal of Pharmacopuncture. pp. 83-89. ISSN 2093-6966

(2019) Crocin treatment decreased pancreatic atrophy, LOX-1 and RAGE mRNA expression of pancreas tissue in cholesterol-fed and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. J Complement Integr Med. ISSN 1553-3840

(2019) Crosstalk between Phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway with DNA damage response and oxidative stress in cancer. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. pp. 10248-10272. ISSN 0730-2312

(2019) Crosstalk between chitosan and cell signaling pathways. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. pp. 2697-2718. ISSN 1420-682X

(2019) Cu doped TiO2-Bi2O3 nanocomposite for degradation of azo dye in aqueous solution: Process modeling and optimization using central composite design. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. p. 8. ISSN 2213-2929

(2019) Cultural Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of the Persian Version of the Affordance in the Home Environment for Motor Development. Iranian Journal of Child Neurology. pp. 25-35. ISSN 1735-4668

(2019) Cultural Aspects of Social Anxiety Disorder: A Qualitative Analysis of Anxiety Experiences and Interpretation. Iran J Psychiatry. pp. 33-39. ISSN 1735-4587 (Print) 1735-4587

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(2019) Curcuminoids plus piperine improve nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: A clinical trial. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. pp. 15989-15996. ISSN 0730-2312

(2019) Curriculum management/monitoring in undergraduate medical education: a systematized review. Bmc Medical Education. p. 9. ISSN 1472-6920

(2019) Cutaneous leishmaniasis in military areas of Iran and Middle East and its prevention, diagnosis and treatment methods- Narrative review. Journal of Military Medicine. pp. 436-454. ISSN 17351537 (ISSN)

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(2019) Decreasing the main maternal and fetal complications in women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) trained by nutrition and healthy eating practices during pregnancy. Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine. p. 13. ISSN 1476-7058

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(2019) Defining loneliness in older adults: protocol for a systematic review. Systematic Reviews. p. 6.

(2019) Depression and risk of disability pension: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Int J Psychiatry Med. p. 91217419837412. ISSN 0091-2174

(2019) Design and Application of a Non-enzymatic Sensor Based on Metal-organic Frameworks for the Simultaneous Determination of Carbofuran and Carbaryl in Fruits and Vegetables. Electroanalysis. pp. 2455-2465. ISSN 1040-0397

(2019) Design and Development of Dentistry Ethical Codes: Proposed for National Implementation in Iran. Front Dent. pp. 303-318. ISSN 2676-296x

(2019) Design and psychometric properties of the quality of life questionnaire for veterans with combat related post-traumatic stress disorder. Journal of Military Medicine. pp. 142-152. ISSN 17351537 (ISSN)

(2019) Design multiplex PCR for detection of rapid and correct the metallobetalactamase. Gene Reports. p. 7.

(2019) Designing a multi-epitope vaccine for cross-protection against Shigella spp: An immunoinformatics and structural vaccinology study. Molecular Immunology. pp. 106-116. ISSN 0161-5890

(2019) Designing a pragmatic model for strategic purchasing of health services in health insurance companies The feasible pivot of strategic purchasing in a developing country. International Journal of Health Governance. pp. 42-55. ISSN 2059-4631

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